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Posts made in February 2018

The Best Drywall Finish for Your Room

When your home is under construction or you are remodeling, it is essential to understand that there are various levels of New Sheetrock Drywall Abstract Backgrounddrywall finishing that each room will need. When getting your home ready for painting, you have to consider what style you will be going for in each room, and what level of drywall finishing is necessary to achieve these looks. Here are just a few examples of what level of drywall finishing your rooms will need.

Your garage – Regardless of how you use your garage as a space in your home, it will require a certain level of drywall finishing to be complete. Level 2, which is when you have covered your drywall tape and screw holes with a layer of compound, is often the chosen level for garages. This is a basic layer and is not used for rooms that have a lot of light or where the appearance of the room is on display.

Your bedroom – Depending on the kind of paint you will be using in this area of your home, having a higher level of drywall finishing is essential in making your bedroom look great. If you are applying flat-based paint to your walls or plan on hanging specific wall décor, a level 3 or 4 finish helps to keep the area smooth for decorating purposes.

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