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Have an Oddly Shaped Closet? Read These Tips When Organizing

Whether it is an older house or your closet was an afterthought when building your home, having an oddly shaped Pittsburgh Custom Closet Installationstorage space can make things difficult for anyone. It can be hard to figure out how to store some of your bigger items, such as luggage and totes, or things that do not necessarily fit one way or another in there. If this sounds like your situation, we luckily have some tips on how to optimize the space in your strangely shaped closet for the better. Here are some recommendations on how to organize your unique closet space:

  • Save the wide, clunky shelving units and opt for vertical, hanging shelves for your closet. Storing multiples of your shoes, one pair on top of another, can help to create extra room horizontally for larger belongings.
  • Instead of using the one rack that is already built into your closet, add in staggered racks by using shower curtain rods. These are held up by tension and can be used to create space vertically to hang clothing or other accessories.
  • Stack your hangers on top of each other vertically. Many types of hangers give you the ability to loop in another hanger around the neck of another, creating another level of organization for your clothing. This also saves space as it allows you to not use as much room horizontally and fill up the length of your rack with bulkier pieces of clothing.

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