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Posts made in September 2020

Keeping a Walk-in Closet Organized

Custom Closets in PittsburghYour walk-in closet gives you the room you need to store all of your clothes, accessories, and shoes. While it probably had more than enough space at first, your closet may be showing signs of clutter now. Unless you have room to expand it, you will have to figure out a way to make do with the existing space. You can learn how to organize and maintain clutter-free custom closets in Pittsburgh.

Clearing out your closet is a smart way of starting your organization project. You need to create more space if your clothing is jammed together, and shoeboxes are stacked three rows deep. Sort through everything to determine what, if anything, you want to keep. If you haven’t worn something in months or years, you can give it away to family, friends, or charity. Organizing experts recommend discarding clothing or shoes with extensive signs of wear and tear.

You may want to add storage options to your closet to help you keep items separated and easy to access. Extra hooks, empty shoe boxes, and even old ice cube trays can help expand your storage space and keep accessories organized. If you think reconfiguring the space may be beneficial, consult with a contractor that specializes in building custom closets in Pittsburgh.

Ensuring You Have the Proper Insulation in Your Home

Pittsburgh Insulation CompaniesChances are you want to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for your house from season to season. While heating and cooling are the obvious choices for regulating indoor temperature, they increase your energy usage and utility bills. Insulation is a great choice for helping keep your home comfortable and your energy costs down. Whether you’re building a house or renovating your existing one, Pittsburgh insulation companies can provide complete installation.

Batt and foam are the two most popular types of insulation. But which is the right one for your home? You are probably familiar with batt insulation, which is made from fiberglass and comes in rolls. Pittsburgh insulation companies can install it in attics, ceilings, floors, and walls. Batt insulation can improve a structure’s energy efficiency by as much as 50 percent.

Spray foam insulation offers similar benefits as batt and more. In addition to complementing your HVAC system, foam insulation improves your house’s structural integrity. Foam is a healthy choice for insulation because it prevents mold and mildew growth while keeping pollen and other allergens out of your home. Because it’s long-lasting, foam insulation doesn’t require continuous replacement. Contact our business today to learn more about our insulation services.