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Are You Insulated?

Pittsburgh Fiberglass InsulationWhether you are moving into a home you just purchased or are remodeling one room of your house at a time, finding out if your walls are insulated can seem like a messy, destructive process. However, there are ways to discover if the walls of your home are adequately insulated without putting a hole in your drywall. Here are a few ways in which you can find out this information:

Remove a piece of your base trim – One of the most accessible places to see if you do have insulation behind a wall is to remove a portion of your base trim. Base trim, or the decorative wood that lines the bottom parts of your wall, actually is there to cover up space where the floor and drywall meet. By peeling this back, you can see if your insulation is there without ripping your walls apart.

Find somewhere that is already pulling away or damaged – If you are moving into a new house that needs a little work, this option is probably the best for you. If your drywall is already damaged in some way or there is a spot where you can quickly get behind it to see if insulation is there, go about it that way. Since you are already going to repair this spot in your home, it is a good idea to use it to your advantage to see if there insulation behind it.

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