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Choosing Custom Pantry Shelving Systems

Pittsburgh Custom Closet InstallationYour kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. Preparing food, grabbing snacks, entertaining, and socializing—it’s a hot spot that every member of your family will use day in and day out. With such a bustling space, you’ll need more than a well-stocked pantry. It will need to be well-organized, too.

Pittsburgh custom closet installation is an effective way to expand the storage space and functionality of your kitchen. Before tearing out your old shelves, here are some points to consider.

First, think about how you use your pantry now. Are there places you wish had more shelves or drawers? Storing food and kitchen essentials isn’t quite the same as shelving books, so it would make sense to design your pantry according to your lifestyle. Picture canned good storage or a dedicated box for spare plastic grocery bags. A custom closet will let you create a pantry that suits your home.

Another factor is the type of shelving materials you will use. The two most popular materials for pantry-style closets are laminate and coated metal wire. It may be possible to mix and match your shelving, so one section is easier to clean. You can also have another that is meant for dry goods or loose items. Again, your plans will guide the design. Some shelving materials are better for specific functions, such as a spice rack or the basis of a drawer system.

Designing the ideal pantry should be a fun and exciting experience. If you want picture-perfect results, request a consultation with a custom closet installer. They can help you turn your set of shelves into a dedicated storage system.