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JG Drywall has been in business since 1982. It is family-run; there is an open door to management. The JG values its employees. We are always creating/offering more programs, benefits, and training that benefit the employees. We don’t just do drywall anymore! We have several divisions—Drywall, Insulation, Waterproofing, Closet Shelving Wire and Wood, Shower Doors, Garage Doors. Compensation is competitive but varies amongst divisions (as some are more skilled trades than others (meaning you must train much longer before the skill is mastered).

We offer benefits starting after 60 days, some company-sponsored (fully or partially), and some just at a lower cost than you can get on your own. We pay our employees weekly. Work is from Monday – Friday (Saturdays when work is available). Local work only. Insulation starts at 7 am, and the end time varies. All other divisions are 6:00 am – 2:30/3:00 pm on a typical day.

What if I don’t have experience?

Want to try construction? This is a great place to do so. With the different divisions, we have a variety of areas for employment. As long as you aren’t scared to work with your hands, and you have a good work ethic, you can try. We have seasoned staff who are the best trainers. And if you find it is not for you, that is ok. Or if you end up loving it and wanting to take on more, that is great!

Have any other questions, feel free to call the office at 412-279-7802.

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