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Keeping Cool This Summer with Pittsburgh Fiberglass Insulation

The warmer months of the year are finally here in Pittsburgh, so that means that your home’s air conditioning system is going to be getting a work out shortly. Regardless of your unit’s efficiency, your utilities can skyrocket in the summer months because of your air conditioning and even more so if your home is not insulated properly. Having someone who specializes in Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation come into your home to evaluate the condition of your existing insulation can save you money during the summer on air conditioning costs. Here are a few reasons why your home needs to be insulated correctly, so your house stays cool for the summer.

Your roof will be hot – One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not insulating their attic. It does not matter what kind of roofing system or material you have on your home, the hot summer sun beats down on your roof and heats up your attic. If the attic does not have Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation installed, the heat from the roof could be coming into your home, and warming up the rest of the house. Unfortunately, this will raise your air conditioning bill. However, if your attic is insulated, the insulation will act as a barrier to keep the cold air in the home and the hot temperatures from your roof outside.

It will allow your unit to work efficiently – When the scorching summer temperatures are coming in through your roof, your Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation blocks it and keeps the colder air circulating from your air conditioner inside your home. However, if you are not adequately insulating your attic, this could cause your air conditioning unit to work too hard. Overuse of an air conditioner, whether it is a central air system or a window unit, can cause parts in the system to burn out faster than if it was working at a regular rate. Things like your blower motor fan, cooling coils, and other vital parts of your air conditioner may expire faster when your home is not insulated the way it should be.

Installing Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation should be done by experienced, friendly, and talented professionals. If you are looking for a company to come in and insulate your attic before the summer months hit, turn to us at JG Drywall & Insulation Co. and Closet Pro. Give us a call at (412) 279-7802 to set up your insulation review with our team today.