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Small Space Optimization With Custom Closets in Pittsburgh

Unfortunately, when you live in a large city like Pittsburgh, space is limited regardless of if you rent your home or own it. Whether it is a luxurious townhouse on a city block or a two-floor apartment with a great view, the chances of your closet space being exactly what you want it to be is pretty limited. Many times during the construction of a home or apartment, closet space is the first thing that gets downsized to make room for bigger living areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. However, this does not make having a smaller closet more manageable, so what do you do? At JG Drywall & Insulation Co. and Closet Pro, we specialize in custom closets in Pittsburgh, regardless of their size. Here are some ways in which we can help you optimize your small closet space to make it the best it can be for the area you are given.

We will help you organize vertically – One of the most significant ways that we use smaller spaces for our custom closets in Pittsburgh is to design systems that organize upward. When it comes to organizing any space that is small in square feet, using the height instead of the width of an area is essential in making the best use of the room as possible. When we install your custom closet, we make due of the space vertically rather than horizontally, so you are getting the most out of your already small closet.

We will install multiple bars – Another way we will help to optimize the space in your custom closets in Pittsburgh is to add additional bars in for storage. This is also another way in which we utilize vertical area over the horizontal area in smaller closets, as it makes use of the height by adding more bars to hang things on. Making layers of bars to hang your hangers from not only makes use of the space that is already there, but allows you to organize your most used pieces of clothing towards the bottom and the least used garments at the top.

We will utilize hooks – Whether they are being installed permanently or through an easy to remove option, wall hooks give you the opportunity to make due of the wall space in your already tiny closet. When we come to install custom closets in Pittsburgh, we almost always incorporate wall hooks in a variety of sizes for you to hang hats, belts, handbags, and other accessories on. This not only thinks outside of the traditional closet organization, but it helps to categorize those random things that may not always fit into a storage box.

At JG Drywall & Insulation Co. and Closet Pro, we are known for our custom closets in Pittsburgh. If you are interested in learning about how we can take your closet space and make it your own, contact us today at (412) 279-7802.