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How a Specialist Can Revitalize Your Closets

Custom Closets in PittsburghDo you shudder at the mere thought of trying to find a specific outfit in your closet? Even with advanced custom closets in Pittsburgh, if you don’t have organizing rules in place, you might find yourself spending more time looking for your clothes than getting ready to leave.

Closet specialists understand this challenge. That is why these professional organizers have developed ways to help people keep their closets tidy. Here are five simple rules to start with when you want to keep a more organized closet:

  • Cut the Clutter – It is time to be merciless with the clothes you don’t use. If you find that there are items in your closet you don’t wear—even if they still have the tags on—then it is time to put it into the donation bin.
  • Don’t Wait to Donate – Yearly purges just mean you have a year’s worth of clutter you have to go through to find what you actually want. Instead of waiting to purge, purge as you go. If you find a garment that you do not like anymore, go ahead and put it in the donation pile.
  • Get Your Shoes Off the Floor – When shoes end up in a pile at the bottom of your closet, it can become challenging to find the pair you want to wear. By investing in a shoe rack, you can keep your shoes together while also helping them avoid the dirt and dust that can build up over time if they are left on the floor.
  • Don’t Double Hang – If you start hanging bigger clothing on top of smaller clothing, you are going to end up losing track of exactly what you have. Items you can’t see are much less likely to be worn, which means some of your favorite outfits might end up being “lost” for months at a time.
  • Your Closet Is For Clothes – Master bedroom closets come in many sizes, which means some people can be tempted to use them for regular storage. That is the wrong way to go about it. Your closet should be a designated space for the single purpose of storing clothing.

Organized Closets for the New Year

Custom Closets in PittsburghWith the New Year right around the corner, it’s time to start planning for resolution success. At JG Drywall & Insulation Company and Closet Pro, we help people take on one of the biggest challenges of any year — getting organized. If you’ve struggled with clutter or just want a more open space, one of the best resources to have on hand is a closet that’s clean and orderly.

Unfortunately, a lot of houses just aren’t set up to accommodate personalized storage needs. That’s what makes custom closets in Pittsburgh such a good investment. By tailoring your space to match the way you engage with it, you can design a closet that’s perfect for organizing and made with you in mind. Some of the advantages of customizing your closet include:

Efficiency – By using vertical space and built-in organizational tools, you can make the most of every square inch without feeling like your area is cramped. That means more value and less wasted space.

Ease – When you know right where to look for something in the closet, you spend less time rummaging around and avoid losing your favorite fashion centerpieces to the visual blur of a standard clothing rack.

Extra Storage – Depending on your space, you may even be able to add new custom closets or expand existing ones. That way, your storage grows with you!

Keeping a Walk-in Closet Organized

Custom Closets in PittsburghYour walk-in closet gives you the room you need to store all of your clothes, accessories, and shoes. While it probably had more than enough space at first, your closet may be showing signs of clutter now. Unless you have room to expand it, you will have to figure out a way to make do with the existing space. You can learn how to organize and maintain clutter-free custom closets in Pittsburgh.

Clearing out your closet is a smart way of starting your organization project. You need to create more space if your clothing is jammed together, and shoeboxes are stacked three rows deep. Sort through everything to determine what, if anything, you want to keep. If you haven’t worn something in months or years, you can give it away to family, friends, or charity. Organizing experts recommend discarding clothing or shoes with extensive signs of wear and tear.

You may want to add storage options to your closet to help you keep items separated and easy to access. Extra hooks, empty shoe boxes, and even old ice cube trays can help expand your storage space and keep accessories organized. If you think reconfiguring the space may be beneficial, consult with a contractor that specializes in building custom closets in Pittsburgh.